Over the years, we’ve identified a number of tools we can’t do without. They help make the NuWave Test Kitchen a more efficient place to cook. So we’d like to share our list of kitchen ‘Must-Haves.
A. Tongs B. Whisks C. Garbage Bowl D. Small Strainers
I like a heavy pair of tongs. I can pick up small roasts, small pans and even heavier foods. You can now get restaurant style tongs in your local kitchenware departments. You should always invest in a good whisk. Usually you can find one between seven and eight dollars. I also have a mini whisk that allows me to whip and stir small quantities of food. Have garbage bowl or some container to place all your food scrapes in. They will save you time from walking to garbage can. Awesome tools in the kitchen. These are used to strain sauces and dust your brownies with powder sugar. Remember, you should hand-wash and dry well for storage.
E. Wine Pourers F. Pinch Pots G. Kitchen Shears H. Mini Spatula
I buy these to place on my bottles of oils and wines. It's great for not over pouring and they also look great on your kitchen countertop. I have these next to my ovens and stove top filled with black pepper and kosher salt. Always use kosher because you use less sodium to achieve the flavor. The pinch pots also allow you to speed things up while cooking. Great item for cutting herbs and taking the skin off the chicken. I use them for everything and anything. I like mini spatulas that can serve lasagna and cookies perfectly. With mini spatulas, you are able to get into small areas like pasta sauce bottles.
I. Mini Grater J. Knife Steel K. Serrated Knife L & M 6-inch Chef Knife, 3-inch Paring Knife
I use grater for zesting of lemons and oranges. It's fast and easy to clean. This is a must have for keeping your knives sharp. Serrated knives are best for slicing breads and so much more. I use 6-inch knife to slice, chop and dice and 3-inch paring kife to peel the fruits.
N. Vegetable Peeler O. Meat Thermometer P. Pizza Server Q. Flexible Cutting Board
A must in the kitchen, besides the normal use, I use to shave parmesan cheese over salads and pasta. They add a nice touch to your meal. A good thing to have in the kitchen. Any type is fine but remember to store away from the heat elements to keep working correctly. I use this for not only slicing pizzas but to cut and serve pies and cakes. What a great item to have in your kitchen. I have one for beef, chicken, fish and vegetables. Wooden cutting boards can carry a lot of bacteria. These allow you to not cross contaminate foods that could get you sick. Simply chop your items, carry over to the pan and slide them in. Easy clean up and they go into the dishwasher. You can get them in 7 packages at your local discount stores for five to six dollars.
R. Food Scraper S. Mini Rubber Spatula T. Silicone Brush U. Chef's Utility Towels
These are great for easy clean up for baking. I also use to help scrape the bottom of pans. Mini rubber spatulas are great for getting into tomato paste cans and other hard-to-reach containers. Best for basting and also very easy to clean. The bristle brushes hold foods and can stain but this will last you lifetime. Can be found at the local warehouse stores and kitchen stores. They are cheap and I can use as pot holders, hand towels and also to wipe up the messes and drying of dishes. The best thing is you can throw them in the washer, add some bleach and they will look almost new.
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