Sweet Potato Fries 
Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Serving size: 4 Servings

2 large sweet potatoes, peeled
1 1/2 tablespoons olive oil
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1/4 teaspoon ground ginger

Cut the sweet potatoes in half length-wise; cut each half into 6 wedges. Combine the oil, salt, cinnamon, and ginger in a large bowl and mix well. Add sweet potatoes and toss to coat evenly. Place the wedges in a single layer on 4-inch rack. Bake on power level high for 15-17 minutes. Add a few minutes if you like fries extra crispy.

120 calories, 31 calories from fat, 4 grams fat, 0 grams saturated fat, 22 grams of carbohydrates, 3 grams fiber.

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One of my favorite treats, great!
ladyredrose5    7/26/2016    
Don't you ever answer questions posted here NUWAVE
lpmn60    7/17/2016    
Don't you ever answer questions posted here NUWAVE
lpmn60    7/17/2016    
Must try theses!
ymass1    12/6/2015    
What is power level high?
bristol05    10/4/2015    
Very good also I used zucchini that I had to use up I just used this recipe made fries out of the zucchini fantastic
lttlbare    8/3/2015    
I am looking for directions for air frying and I assume this is it, however, my Nuwave has to be set to the desired degrees for cooking, not low, med., high etc. What temperature would I use to air fry?
emness    1/2/2015    
I taste so good, my granddaughter she is 15 months old and she love it too,thanks for so good and healthy recipes.
zig    3/28/2014    
Se ven ricas
domy    3/27/2014    
I make fries with fresh potatoes all the time, they come out perfect.
Also baked potatoes in the nuwave are the best, normal oven and microwave do not cook as good as the nuwave ovens.
Blessings, moggy
moggy11    3/9/2014    
These are the best snack.
cyndygrange    2/15/2014    
Place frozen fries on the 4-inch rack and bake on power level HI for 15 minutes. You can print our Ready-made-foods chart on the Kitchen Basics tab at the top of this page. If you have any questions feel free to email us at chef@nuwavenow.com. We're glad to help.
nuwavealice    2/10/2014    
The recipe for sweet potato fries looks really good but tonight for dinner I wanted to cook frozen french fries but couldn't find directions for them using my Nuwave Pro. Any ideas? By the way, I love my Pro and also my Nuwave cooktops!!! Today I ordered the Elite - can't wait to try it!
davepeg1980    2/7/2014    
Love my nu wave
craftygranny319    11/7/2013    
sounds great am going to try it!
cousinron    10/15/2013    
I would like to see this recipe without printing it. I am out of ink. Johnnie B
ibjoneb    10/12/2013    
Love Nuwave sweet potato fries. Can't wait to try this recipe. I've beeen making them with olive oil and Mrs. Dash.
kdag023    9/14/2013    
You did nothing wrong. It is very difficult to make a crispy sweet potato fry. The best way to make them more crispy is to cut the potatoes very thin. Then lower the temperature to medium or about 300 f degrees to slow the cooking so the frys get crispy before they are get burnt. Keep cooking & have fun!
chefrob    9/10/2013    
Hi, I just tried making the sweet pot fries and mine did not come out crispy!! what am I doing wrong?? Please HELP!
ginli    9/8/2013    
It will help to refrigerate the potatoes after you coat them. Try 15-20 minutes.
Chef Alice    2/20/2013    
The NuWave is awesome,try a packet of taco season and olive oil. Ive never been able to get them crispy but they taste great wimpy.
darrellgoolsby    2/20/2013    
So glad you love it. If you haven’t already, give us a Like on our Facebook fan page. There, we have plenty of fans sharing photos, recipes and different tips and tricks. You can send pictures and recipes to Facebook@hearthware.com and we’ll share them for you.
Chef Alice    2/20/2013    
Love my new wave oven
merrilyn    2/20/2013    
Love my new wave oven
merrilyn    2/20/2013    
Love my new wave oven
merrilyn    2/20/2013    
Be sure to come back and let us know how you liked the recipe. Have you joined our fans on Facebook yet? There, you'll find countless fan-made NuWave dishes and recommendations! www.facebook.com/nuwaveoven
Chef Alice    1/8/2013    
Just ordered our Nuwave 2 days ago. Can't wait to try sweet potato fries in the Nuwave. I am going to try with olive oil cooking spray and my favorite savory seasoning. Onion powder, garlic powder, paprika, and a small dash of cayenne pepper.
thekellys    1/7/2013    
Glad you enjoyed the sweet potatoes. Let us know what you try next!

Chef Alice    11/26/2012    
Just made sweet potatoes plain in the oven and they were great!! So healthy:) Want to try this recipe next!!
clineb3    11/23/2012    
Thanks for the feedback!
chefkrystle    10/23/2012    
Will try the freezer trick next time to hopefully make crisper, but they taste GREAT!!!
1drumman    10/23/2012    
Regular french fries will cook the same way. Also this information can be found on the cooking chart.
chefkrystle    9/28/2012    
Not what I was looking for I wanted to fix regular french fries
cjok1951    9/28/2012    
It is a healthier alternative!
chefkrystle    9/17/2012    
Thanks for the tip!
chefkrystle    9/17/2012    
I've had this before but I had a dipping sauce with them it was a little sweet very good
ykitten38    9/16/2012    
I want to try this
ykitten38    9/16/2012    
Thank you for being a loyal customer!
chefkrystle    7/15/2012    
We make these on a regular basis in our home. Love the way they turn out crispy, and flavorful. We don't even add the cinnamon and ginger and they are great. No dipping sauces needed.
andrewsawatzke    7/15/2012    
Thanks for the tip ... that helped ... and I think if I cut a bit thinner, that would also help. Either way ... this one is one of my favorites! And, on a side note - I watch nutritional values pretty closely, so, having those listed is awesome ... would love to see them listed on all recipes.
nif2567    6/11/2012    
nif2567 Try putting them in the freezer for 10 minutes, after you season. Cook as directed. Let me know how those turn out?
Chef Jennifer    6/11/2012    
How do I get a crispy sweet potato fry? I have made this recipe various times adjusting my cooking time from 17 to 25 minutes. While I love the taste, I would like more crisp.
nif2567    6/10/2012    
What I do is bake 10 or 15 sweet potatoes in Nu Wave Oven for 20 min. after done I cut them in quarters like jo jo's, sprinkle with some olive oil and spice them up with French Fried Seasoning then store in zip lock bag and when grand kids come over and want a snack I put them on 4" rack and bake on Hi for aprox. 20 min. more, yummy and fast go really good with ckn wings also......yummy
cowgirl74    5/14/2012    
Sometimes I add a pinch of cayenne for a little heat. Really good.
Chef Jennifer    4/24/2012    
These are amazing!
eightlinks    4/24/2012    
Sounds delish! I can't wait to get my nuwave and try them! I imagine they will go great with an open face turkey burger and a side salad! Guess you can tell I am on a low fat diet! LOL
fmonah    2/24/2012    
Flipping is a preference. I don't need to but you may want them more crispy.
Chef Alice    2/6/2012    
Do you need to flip the fries
njonesvt    2/6/2012    
To pagb48: there is a button just under the printer that says "Print Recipe". Click on that and it will take you to a printable version.
To macefamily08: If you want to save text from online, just highlight the text, copy it, and paste it into a new Word document that
you have you have opened. ;)
debcircocooker    1/25/2012    
Happy to hear that you found a method of cooking that suits your taste. I will try your method. Thanks for sharing.
Chef Jennifer    1/19/2012    
The print button is below the picture.
Chef Jennifer    1/19/2012    
I did what the recipe dictated. They came out very soft, no backbone at all. I couldn't call them fries. I gave them 5 more minutes on high and the thinner wedges got a little rigidity. I plan next time to dehydrate them on level 4 and achieve, hopefully, a crispy result.
The taste of what I have just eaten, after 21 minutes of cooking, was awesome!
One way or another this food will be on my table everyday. It was a revelation!
mariosk    1/18/2012    
where do I find info on printing the recipes?
pagb48    1/10/2012    
good, taste great
carlherrera    1/9/2012    
These are beautiful they are the only Fries I make now.
annie    1/5/2012    
How do I print out the information?

brandi    1/4/2012    
I didn't have ginger so substitued ground Allspice - delicious!
rjauton    12/29/2011    
Like many folks, I indulged too much over the holidays - thes are a fantastic, lo-cal, healthy snack and also go easy on carbs.
rjauton    12/29/2011    
teryj2000    11/13/2011    
I'm glad all of you are enjoying the recipe.
Chef Jennifer    11/9/2011    
The sweet potato fries are absolutely delicious. Everyone needs to try them.
joylane7    11/7/2011    
Is there a way to save these in a folder for future use on the site?
macefamily08    10/12/2011    
These are absolutely delicious and so easy to prepare. Thanks for a fantastic recipe
nana43boys    9/9/2011    
I cant wait to try these! Had them in a restaraunt once and didnt know what they were, thinking are these carrots?? then when the waitress told me sweet poatoe fries wow! I was hooked and they are healthier too!
er1tls    5/19/2011    
We love this one, so easy & very tasty
JoyRyder    9/15/2010    
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